Looking to Save Money on Your Ride, Look in the Mirror

With the current state of the nation, many people are looking for ways to save money on their vehicles. Unfortunately, many should try looking at the rear view mirror In all honesty, many drivers are the cause of their own vehicular expenses. Three main parts of the car directly relate to driver behavior: the tires, fuel tank, and brakes.

Tires can cost a large amount of money. Depending on the size of the vehicle, tires can range from $80 to $400 per tire. To reduce tire wear and the subsequent need for replacement, drive at slower speeds. As you slow down, you will reduce tire friction and increase tire life. Make certain that your air pressure is close to manufacturer specifications, too. Improper air levels can cause increased or uneven tread wear and flat tires

Although it is impossible to stop fuel consumption, it is possible to reduce it. Slow down. If you cruise at slower speeds, accelerate smoothly, and, with manual transmissions, shift at the proper RPM, you will use less fuel. Also, proper maintenance of your vehicle will reduce your fuel consumption. Simply changing oil and filters when necessary and getting a tuneup occasionally can have a great impact on your vehicle’s fuel economy.

You can save money on your brakes by slowing down, stopping gradually, and reducing the weight of your vehicle. By traveling at slower speeds, you will be able to stop without using the brakes so forcefully. Slamming on the brakes or tailgating will increase the heat of your brakes and reduce their lifespan. Secondly, stepping on the brakes before you must use them can keep your brakes from wearing down as fast. If you slow before you have to stop, you will give your brakes the ability to stop the vehicle efficiently. Lastly, reduce the weight of your vehicle. Simple actions such as removing extra bags, boxes, and gear from the vehicle can lower its weight make braking require less force.

Remember, the ability to save money on your vehicle rests in your hands. Do these simple steps and watch the difference. Your car and your wallet will thank you.

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